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YOYO BOX™ has been developed from over 30 years of experience in the storage industry. We will deliver the YOYO BOXES™ to your home, you load it or we will load it, then locked. We then return your YOYO BOX™ to our fully alarmed storage facility. Innovating Self Storage solutions – we tick all the boxes.

It means you don’t have to get a mate to drive you to a truck rental facility, complete tons of paperwork, pay for expensive vehicle insurance, pay for fuel, pay for tolls, then hurry back to return the vehicle rental before they close. When it comes to simple storage, book your YOYO BOXES™ we couldn’t make it any easier for you.

Remember – you only pay for the YOYO BOXES™ that you use.

  1. Fixed fees with our famous price guarantee.
  2. Stored safe and secure in our alarmed warehouse.
  3. Flexible service options – you load or we load.
  4. The largest range of Storage Modules in Australia.
  5. Full access to your YOYO BOX™ – 6 days a week.

Simply go to our Storage Calculator to estimate the total size of your items that you require storing. You can then book your YOYO BOXES™ according to your individual needs. Remember we are the only Mobile Storage service provider that has the largest range of sizes, and most importantly, you will only be charged for the actual YOYO BOXES™ you use.

We have several methods of delivery which can all be tailored to your specific needs. Please be aware that we can deliver any size YOYO BOX™ via any of the three delivery methods

Option 1 – Small Truck (Limited to a single YOYO BOX™ – any size)

  1. This service is only available when you book YOYO BOX™ to load your items within the quoted loading time allocated (Between 30 to 60 mins)
  2. One large car space is required. Please allow an additional 3 meters for the aluminium loading ramp.

Option 2 – Single Trailer (Limited to a single YOYO BOX™ – any size)

  1. This service is recommended for those booking a single YOYO BOX™ who require up to 24 hours to complete the loading.
  2. One large car space is required for the trailer plus additional space for the towing vehicle.

Option 3 – Truck and Trailer (Perfect for 2 x YOYO BOXES™ – any combination of sizes)

  1. This service is recommended for those who book 2 x YOYO BOXES™.
  2. Two large car spaces are required for the trailer plus additional space is required for the towing vehicle.

For your convenience, we operate 6 days a week (Monday – Saturday).

As Saturdays are our most popular day, we strongly recommend that you book as early as possible to secure the time most convenient for your timetable.

(Please Note – We are closed on Sundays and all Public Holidays)

You can book an appointment via our Access YOYO BOX™ page on our website or alternatively just phone our friendly consultants.

Our office hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 12pm on Saturdays.

This service is available with a minimum 1 week notice.

Simple – You can arrange redelivery via our Arrange Re-delivery page on our website or you can call one of our friendly consultants. Please allow a minimum of 7 days notice to ensure that we can schedule our crew and vehicles to your specific requirements.

Yes, you can. To make it easiest for you, just notify us when you expect to arrive and we will prepare everything in advance. Furthermore, many of our customers are Professional Removalist who deliver directly into our Storage Facility. 
An administration and warehouse/forklift handling fee of $75 per Yoyo Box is payable to cover all associated costs involved.

Preparation and planning is the key.

YOYO BOX™ TRUCK DELIVERY – If you are loading the YOYO BOX™ yourself, the driver will wait the quoted time as per the quotation (depending upon the YOYO BOX™ size – usually between 30 to 60 mins)

YOYO BOX™ TRAILER DELIVERY – If you are loading the YOYO BOXES™ yourself, the YOYO BOX™ Trailer can be left with you for up to 24 hours.

If you have booked our YOYO BOX™ team to do the loading for you, you need to be fully prepared with all cartons packed and all other items ready for loading.

If you need additional time, call one of our friendly staff and we will try our hardest to find an alternative arrangement.
To make it so easy, our team of professional loaders are available any day to load your YOYO BOXES™. Please refer to your quotation for full details of our most popular service.

The YOYO BOXES™ have been engineered and developed with everyone in mind, including you. Moving home, returning from overseas, relocating from interstate, decluttering whilst selling, in between homes, changes in relationship status, surplus sports gear, business documents, tradies, small business inventory etc etc.
We have over 30 years’ experience in Mobile Self Storage and our YOYO BOXES™ have been specifically designed by our Aussie engineers to bring you the world’s strongest, safest and best storage modules. Superior to metal storage modules that can create mould and mildew and that horrible dusty smell.

All of our YOYO BOXES™ are designed as follows:

  • Structural Framework in 900 x 300mm Timber.
  • Structural External Walls in 7mm Plywood.
  • 90 x 70mm and 90 x 45mm and 200 x 12mm Timber Base.
  • Bolted together in 15, 23, 30, 36mm Zinc Coated Bolts.
  • Marine grade stainless steel Hinges.

Our Jumbo, Large and Medium YOYO BOXES™ are perfect for all conditions thanks to our uniquely developed PVC water resistant covers that are securely held together by a smart combination of manufactured Velcro and industrial strength D ring straps.

Additionally, as all of the YOYO BOXES™ have been designed with a skid pallet underneath, your YOYO BOXES™ are always safely and securely off the ground.

For safety reasons, the following items must not be stored in your YOYO BOX™:

  • Heavy Items e.g. Metal Safes, Pianos, Building Materials etc.
  • Food or any Perishable Items
  • Plants or Animals
  • Waste or Poisonous Items
  • Toxic, Hazardous, Dangerous, Corrosive or Flammable Items
  • Firearms, Ammunition and Explosive Items
  • Cleaning Chemicals, Aerosols Cans, Fuel and Oils, Insecticides and Liquid Bleach.
YOYO BOXES™ have been designed to be delivered to almost any location. The most common places are street parking, driveway parking (must be inside your property boundary) or in designated / authorised parking bays. Please ensure that suitable parking arrangements have been made in advance of our planned arrival time.

We are able to accept all major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, Amercian Express. Additionally payment can be made by direct debit, cheque or cash.
This one is easy to answer – no you will only be charged for the YOYO BOXES™ you use.
All deposit reservations are fully refundable provided written notice has been received with a minimum of 7 days notice.
Packing materials can be collected from our Storage Facility or we can arrange delivery for a small fee. Please refer to your specific quotation or call one of our friendly consultants.
Yes – Storage Insurance is available via our website or telephone. 
We strongly recommend using 5 – 10 Furniture Blankets per YOYO BOX™to keep your precious items from scratching, denting, breaking, smashing etc. This can be arranged in advance when booking although our vehicles will normally have a supply with them just in case they are required.

As you are the sole owner of the padlock and key, we encourage you to keep your YOYO BOXES™ locked at all times. When you need access at our Storage Facility, remember to bring your keys along.

Furthermore, as you are not loading and reloading furniture items in and out of trucks, all of your items are moved just once – saving your time, effort and money.

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